Events Calendar Bridge

Events Calendar Bridge implements events import from a popular WordPress events management plugin – Modern Tribe Events Calendar – to Smart Countdown FX.  Events Calendar Bridge plugin requires minimum configuration and is ready to run in minutes (providing, of course, that Events Calendar plugin is already installed and activated).

The sample below displays countdown to “Main Category” events from this calendar.

Shortcode used:

[smartcountdown import_config="scd_tribe_events::1" title_before_down="Our next event - %imported% - starts in" title_before_up="Current event - %imported% - is in progress for" widget_style="text-align:center;"]

Another sample: import events from “Alternative Category”.

Shortcode used:

[smartcountdown import_config="scd_tribe_events::2" title_before_down="%imported% starts in" title_before_up="%imported% started" title_after_up="ago" widget_style="text-align:center;"]

Events Calendar Bridge supports two independent configurations. By default both are initially disabled. To enable a configuration select an option from “Categories” drop-down. “All Categories” is an easy “quick-start” setting – all upcoming events will be imported (including event with no category). If you have already configured categories in Events Calendar they will also appear in “Categories” selection. Choosing a specific category will import events from this category only (child categories will be implicitly included).

You can configure which event properties to show along with the event title in Smart Countdown FX widget, or not to show the title imported from Events Calendar at all. By default only event title is displayed but you can append event date and / or venue (venue name or full address) to the title.

Event Calendar Bridge configuration 2

The screenshot above illustrates one of two independent configurations. Although in most cases you will be fine with a single configuration, the option to store an alternative configuration allows you:

  • display two countdown widgets for events from different categories
  • display two countdown widgets importing the same events but showing different pieces of data (e.g. include event date and / or venue in title)

Events Calendar Bridge plugin supports “countdown to event end” mode.


  • import_config=”scd_tribe_events::1″ – use configuration 1.
  • import_config=”scd_tribe_events::2″ – use configuration 2.

Plugin settings in detail

Title – configuration name, for internal use only. Use descriptive title to make it easier to select correct configuration in Smart Countdown FX “Import events from” setting.

Categories – Optionally filter events by category or choose “Disabled” to disable current configuration. Please note that if a category exists in Event Calendar it will be available for selection even if it is empty (no events in a category). Filtering by an empty category will result in empty events set and will have the same effect as disabling a configuration. “All Categories” option will import all event including those with no category assigned.

All-day events start time – choose a time that will be considered as a start time for all-day events or “Discard all-day events” to import only non-all-day events.

Show event title – usually imported event title is displayed along with generic title set in Smart Countdown FX title options. Choose “No” to display generic title only.

Title CSS – style rules separated and ended by comma applied to event title

Show event date – event date and time can be displayed along with event title:

  • No – do not display date (default)
  • Yes – display event date and time (without year) in the format set in Events Calendar options
  • Show with year – display event date and time (with year) in the format set in Events Calendar options. Makes sense if target event is far in future.

Date CSS – style rules separated and ended by comma applied to event date and time

Show event location – event venue can be displayed along with event title:

  • No – do not display venue
  • Venue name – display venue name
  • Full address – display venue full address (if stored with the venue in Events Calendar Venues)

Location CSS – style rules separated and ended by comma applied to event date and time

Link event title – Choose “Yes” to make event title act as a link to event details view in Events Calendar.

All-day events

All-day events are a special case for all countdowns due to their specific meaning. E.g. a person’s birthday formally starts at 12 a.m. but you never call her at 12 a.m. to say “Happy Birthday”. That is why a countdown saying at 9 p.m. that “3 hours are left before Helen’s birthday” doesn’t make much sense. Events Calendar Bridge plugin implements “virtual” all-day events start time setting, just select a time that suits better to event logic. Another and more radical solution is also available: plugin can ignore all-day events at all, so that they will never get in the way – just choose “Discard All-day events” option in “All-day events start time”.

Time zone support

Modern Tribe Events Calendar is a powerful plugin. However, and surprisingly, it has a poor support of time zones management, better said – no support at all. Even if you explicitly set event venue location and it is evidently outside the server time zone (the time zone set in general WordPress settings), Event Calendar treats event start time as if it were a server local time. The impact it has on the plugin itself is not very important, e.g. events may have a wrong order in “day” view if they belong to different time zones and / or some events may be lost in “upcoming events” widget if the begin on the previous day but due to time zone difference are still in progress.

From Smart Countdown FX point of view missing time zone support in Events Calendar is crucial. When Events Calendar Bridge is installed and enabled, it adds an extra control on event create / edit form in Events Calendar – “Time zone”. This setting is stored as meta data with the event and is later used by Smart Countdown FX script to calculate correct countdown intervals to events from non-default time zones.



If an event belongs to default time zone (time zone selected in general site settings) leave this option as “Default”, only select a time zone here if the event takes place in another time zone. Both event start and event end times will be interpreted using the time zone selected.

* automatic time zone detection based on venue address is planned for future versions of this plugin.

Download Events Calendar Bridge

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