Monthly Archives: May 2015

Recurring Events 85

Smart Countdown FX Easy Recurring Events adds recurring events support to Smart Countdown FX. It requires Smart Countdown FX version 1.2.3 or later, please do not forget to update before installing this plugin. Smart Countdown FX Easy Recurring Events is a stand-alone plugin and it doesn’t need any other event management plugins installed or […]

Growing and Shrinking Images

This is a free animation profile available for download. Please, try installing this profile before purchasing more profiles. Installation procedure will be the same for all additional animation profiles, so if it works for you with this one you can be sure that you will be able to install paid profiles. […]

Apple-style Folding 6

Versions designed for dark and light backgrounds are included. Installation procedure is described here. This profile demonstrates that individual transition rules can be defined for different counter digits: the lower seconds digit is folding faster that the higher seconds one. The reset of the digits are animated even slower so if […]

Text Rotation with Bounce Effect

This animation profile imitates mechanical counter wheels. The “bounce” effect and a shadowed background give it a more natural look. This profile illustrates another important feature in Smart Countdown FX: parts of the digits that were displayed before and after their current states are visible and show meaningful values. Will be available […]


Digital scoreboard imitation profiles. These profiles look better on dark backgrounds. Five animations are included in the package, two of them implement chained transition (old digit fades out and then the new one fades in) in red or green LEDs, the other two are similar but the transitions are synchronous, i.e. […]