Apple-style Folding 7

Versions designed for dark and light backgrounds are included. Installation procedure is described here.

This profile demonstrates that individual transition rules can be defined for different counter digits: the lower seconds digit is folding faster that the higher seconds one. The reset of the digits are animated even slower so if you wait for a minute change you will see the effect.

Apple-style folding for light backgrounds

Apple-style folding for dark backgrounds


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7 thoughts on “Apple-style Folding

  • Toby

    To be honest, this is waaaay to much effort to achive this effect. I have a simple single event in the future, which I would like to display the Apple Style, but to start hacking around for 2 or 3 days, just to achive this effect is just way too much work to get it working with shortcode.

    The plugin makes a real nice impression, reviews are very good, all in all – very good work.
    Another thing: Pleeeease increase the font size and line-height on this page. It’s almost unreadable by default. My eyes are hurting because the content is so squeeezed.

    • admin Post author

      Thank you for your feedback. I should organize site navigation better, you are right. There is a bunch of pages which help to quickly setup simple countdowns but they are not accessible directly from site menu.
      For example: displays different samples and the shortcode used for each sample is provided, it can serve as a quick guide. covers some frequent usage scenarios. – complete list of shortcode attributes.
      As far as the site visual appearance – I will have to check. I used styles and settings provided with the template and on all devices I use it looks acceptable (maybe somewhat “compressed” in line height, you are right, but fonts look similar to other sites). On what device(s) does the font-size issue appear?

  • Steve Smith

    We’ve taking over hosting a site on which fx and Apple-style folding has been used, and there’s an index.html file in the images/apple-style directory that looks suspect.

    Should there be an index.html file in that directory? I’m not sure if this is the result of a malware infection, and knowing if that file should exist and what it’s contents should be would be very helpful.