Installing More Animations

Smart Countdown FX is distributed with a set of basic animation profiles included. If some day you wish to enhance the look of your countdown you can add more animation effects.

Additional animation profiles can be downloaded or purchased here. I would recommend to start with a free profile so that you can be sure that installation instructions listed below are clear and you can add a new profile to your counter without issues.

The profile you download or purchase is a “zip” package. You will need an archive extractor software (“unzip”, included in most of operating systems) and an FTP client (or your site control panel file manager) to be able to upload the new animation profile to your WordPress site.

The instructions below are valid only for Smart Countdown FX version 1.0.0 or later. Please, stop if you haven’t updated the plugin yet. Additional animation profiles are now moved outside the plugin folder because there was an issue with plugin automatic update – the whole directory was recreated on update and users had to manually upload purchased animations after each module update. Using a dedicated folder to store animation add-ons solves this problem.

Zip file structure (sample):

      [more images here...]
  [more profile versions here...]
  1. Unzip the profile package you have downloaded to a folder and open it in your OS file manager.
  2. In the root of this folder you will find one or more “.xml” files. These files are actually animation profiles.
  3. Many animations require images, so probably you will see “images” sub-folder in unzipped folder. “images” sub-folder is common for all animation profiles and different animations use their proper directories to store required images. That is why “images” sub-folder will never contain files in its root, only a sub-folder with images specific for this profile. This structure was chosen to make directories merging easier on upload. See step 7 for details.
  4. Locate your WordPress plugins directory in FTP client or site control panel file manager.
  5. Create and open “smart-countdown-animations” sub-folder or just open if this sub-folder already exists in your plugins folder.
  6. All files that you are going to upload MUST go to this sub-folder (usually “wp-content/plugins/smart-countdown-animations”) – this is important and will guarantee that you don’t break other functions on your site.
  7. Upload the unzipped profile directory to “smart-countdown-animations”. Make sure that you merge it with existing files and folders, this is required for “images” folder as it may already exist and store images for other animation profiles. If you are not sure, you should better manually upload “images/your_new_profile_images” folder from unzipped package to “smart-countdown-animations/images” and then upload root “.xml” files to “smart-countdown-animations”.
  8. Go to your WordPress admin and select the Smart Countdown FX widget in edit mode. If you are using shortcode open a post or page where the widget is inserted.
  9. For widget configuration find “Counter animation profile:” selection control. The new animation profile should appear in the list. Select it and save. Test you site. For shortcode version add or change “fx_preset” attribute to the file name of the newly added animation profile. Make sure that you spell the file name correctly (may be case-sensitive in some operating systems) and do not forget “.xml” extension. Update the post or page and test it in frontend.

If everything worked you should see the new animation applied to your counter.

Possible issues:

  • New profile doesn’t appear in “Counter animation profile:” widget setting or the counter is not displayed at all after you update the shortcode “fx_preset” attribute with the new animation file name – profile package upload failed or the files were uploaded to a wrong directory. In shortcode case you might have misspelled the file name. Recheck step 7 instructions.
  • The counter is displayed but the digits are blind (in most browsers they will show “image not found” placeholders) – the “images” folder of the new profile was not uploaded or was uploaded to a wrong directory. Recheck step 7 instructions.