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Smart Countdown FX Easy Recurring Events adds recurring events support to Smart Countdown FX. It requires Smart Countdown FX version 1.2.3 or later, please do not forget to update before installing this plugin.

Smart Countdown FX Easy Recurring Events is a stand-alone plugin and it doesn’t need any other event management plugins installed or services API (like Google Calendar) configured for sharing. This plugin adds a basic recurrence to Smart Countdown (as it’s said in plugin title) but it has a special feature: two independent configurations which can be used individually (if two widgets on your site have to follow different recurrence patterns) or merged, as in the samples below.

Smart Countdown FX Easy Recurring Events supports “countdown to event end” mode.

The samples below illustrate both normal “auto” and “countdown to event end” counter modes. They show a fictitious “Live help desk” opening hours which are scheduled as follows (all times in CET):

  • 09:00 – 18:00 Mon – Fri
  • 10:00 – 17:30 Sat
  • Closed – Sun

When event is not running both counters will show the same values and message. When event is in progress the counters below will behave differently.

“Auto” mode – count up from event start during the event

“Countdown to event end” mode – countdown to event end during event

When “Easy Recurring Events” is installed and enabled it will add the following option to “Smart Countdown FX” widget configuration screen:


Recurrence patterns can be configured in plugin settings (setting from the screenshot below differ from those used in samples):


Each of two “Easy Recurring Events” configurations has the following options:

  • Title – Enter a descriptive title, when choosing an “event import profile” in Smart Countdown FX widget configuration it will be easier to know which recurrence pattern you activate.
  • Recurrence pattern – “Disabled”, “Hourly”(1), “Yearly”, “Monthly”, “Weekly” and “Daily”. Choose the desired pattern and set additional data (month, date and time). For “weekly” pattern you can select one or more days in a week. “Disabled” option turns recurrence off. If a disabled import profile is selected in widget options the counter will not be displayed at all because no upcoming events will be found. To return to internal “Event date and time” setting from widget, choose “Disabled…” option in “Import events from:” widget setting or remove “import_config” attribute from shortcode.
  • Depending on the recurrence pattern selected, other option fields are displayed: month, date, week days, time and interval, they are self-explaining.
  • Duration – event duration in hours:minutes format, from 0:00 (no duration, when event time arrives immediately switch to next event in schedules) to 47:59(2). All events in a recurrence pattern will have the same duration.

The shortcodes for “Easy Recurring Events” are:

  • import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::1″ – follow configuration 1 pattern only
  • import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::2″ – follow configuration 2 pattern only
  • import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::3″ – follow configuration 3 pattern only
  • import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::4″ – follow configuration 4 pattern only
  • import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::1::2″ – merge patterns 1 & 2
  • import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::3::4″ – merge patterns 3 & 4
  • import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::1::2::3::4″ – merge all patterns

Countdown to event end mode:

  • mode=”countdown_to_end”(3)

1) “Hourly” pattern only supports intervals (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours) which guarantee that recurrence behaves the same way every day, otherwise pattern definition would be ambiguous. E.g. starting from 2:30 am using 4 hours interval will produce: 2:30 am, 6:30 am, 10:30 am, 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm events every day.

2) It is your responsibility to set event duration compatible with recurrence pattern. If event duration is bigger than recurrence interval, events will overlap.

3) Other modes: “auto” (default), “countdown”, “countup”, etc. Refer to for details.

Download Easy recurring events

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86 thoughts on “Recurring Events

  • Brett

    hi i am working on a new website. my current mockup is at I was wanting to use your plugin to input a countdown timer to midnight that would repeat daily. I want to put it it the middle of my page. the example you show on this page is exactly what i want (the one that says “our live help desk opens at ….). it seems your plugin has the functionality to do what i want but i cant figure out the shortcode to get the recurring event to display. i probably have something set up wrong and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction. Thanks


    • admin Post author

      The minimum shortcode is [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1"]
      Providing that you have installed and enabled both plugins (Smart Countdown FX and Easy Recurring Events) and configured recurrence patter 1, the counter should work as desired.
      See reference for more countdown shortcodes (layout, sizes, etc.)

      • Brett

        i have them both installed but only the smart countdown recurring events has a general settings page on the left sidebar. the only settings for Smart Countdown FX is under widgets. Is that correct? I tried to setup my settings to run a recurring 24 hour countdown with these settings:

        and here are the settings im using in the fx widget settings:

        when i put the shortcode into a page text block and test it i see a little spinner but it disappears right away. ive tried adjusting the times but still no luck. thanks for the help.

        • admin Post author

          Disappearing little snippet means that no future events are found or the shortcode contains a fatal error.
          Your “daily” recurring pattern setup looks good on the screenshot. Forget about the widget – you don’t need to add any widget to sidebar if the only thing you wish is to display a counter in a post or page, just add the shortcode.
          You are referring to a “page text block”. Is this a kind of 3d-party plugin or “widget wrapper”? I would say: type the shortcode as a part of page (or post) text and first try to use only required attributes, e.g.
          [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1"]
          This should work.

          • Brett

            Hi, for some reason within the past few days my countdown timer disappeared. Any idea why? It looks like it tries to load but then it doesnt show up. this is my shortcode and settings:

            [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1" units="days,hours,minutes,seconds" fx_preset="No_FX_animation.xml" layout_preset="shortcode.xml" digits_style="color:red;" digits_size="30" labels_size="20" labels_style="color:black;" "font-variant:lowercase;" widget_style="padding:0px;text-align:center;"/]

            easy recurring settings:
            recurrence pattern – monthly
            day – 31
            hours – 23:59
            duration – 0:00


          • admin Post author

            Hi, you have unneeded quotes in shortcode attribute “lables_style”, it should be:
            Not sure it is the reason but try to correct this first.

          • Brett

            unfortunately it didnt work. i can’t even get [smartcountdown import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::1″] to work anymore. im not sure what happen it was working great until a day or two ago. i tried uninstalling most of the other plugins i had installed to.

          • Brett

            i think it has to do with the most recent wordpress update. it autoupdated and messed things up. i was able to get it to show up on this page but the time isn’t correct (no matter what i adjust my general wordpress time to):
            I am trying to get a counter to countdown until the 31st of each month. i had it before the update, but now all i can seem to get is what you see on the link. my recurring settings are:
            recurrence pattern – monthly
            day – 31
            hours – 23:59
            duration – 0:00

          • admin Post author

            I have checked your page. The event time is simply missing – it starts counting down from 2 hours every time you reload the page. Looks like somehow the counter script gets empty string each time it requests next event date from recurring events plugin and the time zone you have configured in WP general settings is GMT-2.
            So evidently there is a mess. I would try to temporarily replace import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::1″ with deadline=”2015-10-31 23:59:59″ and see if the time is correct. Then maybe remove and reinstall “recurring events” plugin and configure recurrence pattern again.
            I’m not sure about how auto-update could interfere. I’m keeping my WP installation up to date always and haven’t run into issues.

          • Brett

            unfortunately that didnt work either its giving me the same incorrect time. if i change time zones it just shifts from 2 hours to 4 hours. i tried downgrading wordpress and that didnt do it either. im at a loss. 🙁

            thanks for the attempt

          • admin Post author

            Good, it means that “recurring events” plugin has nothing to do with the issue.
            I would return to the latest wordpress version, uninstall and reinstall Smart Countdown FX and try the minimal setup in shortcode
            [smartcountdown deadline=”2015-10-31 23:59:59″ /]
            and see what happens. If the issue is still there, please find PHP error log – it could help to identify the problem. It can be also a javascript error, I will have a look myself.

          • admin Post author

            I have checked your page client script. There are js errors but they should not affect the counter. Just one important note: when you edit a shortcode do not copy/paste it from a web page (like this one), type it manually. Copy/paste also grabs invisible HTML markup which can break the shortcode functionality.

  • Tim

    Hi there, Love this widget. But I am having one tiny problem preventing this widget being the best countdown widget ever invented (The problem is me – I am an idiot). I have the widget installed in my Divi Elegant Themes website. Using it in the sidebar, with the Easy Recurring Events plugin installed. Basically I want a daily event – the deadline for next day delivery – countdown to 16:30h – but I don’t want it showing all the time. I only want it showing for 4 hours. Using the widget settings I can select show 2 hours before event, but would love to be able to define that time…

    IS this possible in a short code? Is it possible pretty please for someone to type out what I need to paste into my site to make it appear please?

    Much love, free bags for everyone. Tim –

    • admin Post author

      In shortcode add attribute:
      Do not paste the attribute below, type it manually. Sometimes copy/paste grabs invisible HTML markup from a page and it breaks shortcode functionality.

      • Brett

        Hi, i tried what you said and put [smartcountdown deadline=”2015-10-31 23:59:59″ /] and it showed the correct time. As soon as i install recurring events though and try [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1"] t goes back to 2 hours. any ideas? thanks for your help

        • admin Post author

          Well, I didn’t understand your previous comment, thought you have already tried to decouple countdown from recurring plugin and it didn’t work either. Now it looks that “recurring” plugin is causing the issue.
          Your current shortcode means that you are using recurrence pattern 1 only. Just in case, try to configure recurring pattern 2 (the same way as pattern 1) and try
          [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::2" /]
          More questions:
          did you try any other recurring pattern, e.g. “daily”? I know that this pattern is wrong for your event logic, but just as a test case. The problem is still there?
          check the value saved in “event duration” field. set it to “0:00” just in case it got messed up.

  • Yuri Yeleyko


    First of all let me express my gratitude for your hard work.
    I have both plugins installed- Smart Countdown FX and Recurring Events.
    The thing I need is actually more than 2 configurations for recurring events.
    Using [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1" redirect_url="" digits_size="72" labels_size="30" /] works fine. With scd_easy_recurrence::2″ – as well.
    But is there a way I can have more than 2 configurations? Maybe it is possible via shortcode?
    Let’s say I want my 5! webinars to start every day same time, i.e. first starts 9AM, second 1PM, third webinar 4PM etc..every day same time for each of the webinars?
    Do I need 5 different configurations/shortcodes?
    Appreciate your answer in advance!
    Thank you.

    • admin Post author

      first of all it is possible to merge patterns using shortcode
      [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1::2" redirect_url="" digits_size="72" labels_size="30" /]
      Events from both patterns will be then placed into the same timeline.
      However it will not unlock patterns maximum number which is 2 in current implementation. It was a design decision – two patterns were intended to handle work days and weekends.
      There are two possible solutions:
      1. For more recurring patterns / custom events use Google Calendar Bridge plugin instead of Recurring events plugin. Google Calendar Bridge requires some setup work but if you are using a public calendar setup is relatively easy. Refer to this page:
      2. If you have programming skills you can modify recurring events plugin to provide support for more patterns. Look how 2 existing patterns are implemented – configurations are displayed in a loop 2 times. You can increment this count to 5.
      Regards, Alex

  • Ab

    Hello, awesome plugins!
    I was wondering is it possible to use it so I can have a recurring event that has a starting day then repeats itself every 18h? To be more specific it’s for fan site for a certain game, that has has an in-game event that resets itself every 18h. I would like to display this counter on my sidebar.

    • admin Post author

      No, unfortunately “repeat every X hours” pattern is not supported in current plugin version. I will check if I can add this feature to future versions of “recurring events” plugin. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Leo

    Hello i like your plugin smart countdown.
    Can you tell me where i can change the translation because i am from the netherlands and i need
    Year=jaar months=maanden weeks=weken days=dagen hours=uren minutes=minuten seconds=seconden

    Thanks Leo

    • admin Post author

      I have prepared language files for nl_NL and they will be included into the next plugin update. I can send these file to you right now if you open a ticket at (choose Smart Countdown FX for WordPress help topic). I will attach language files to my response in ticket thread.

      • admin Post author

        I have replied to your ticket but got delivery failure notification from my mail server. It means that you haven’t received my message notification. You can view my reply if you login to using your email as username and 963913 (your ticket number) as password. If you have problems viewing your ticket status, please, open a new ticket and check that email you enter is valid.

  • simon quinn

    How do I change the appearance of the seconds changing so it’s a little bit more subtle?

    I’m thinking… making the fade time shorter, or possibly removing it all together, or making the height at which the seconds fade in from smaller.

    Which file would I change and what text should I be looking for?


    • admin Post author

      Animation profiles are stored as XML documents in “/wp-content/plugins/smart-countdown-fx/includes/animations” folder. There is also an alternative location: “/wp-content/plugins/smart-countdown-animations” for additional profiles.
      You can change animation behavior and appearance if you edit corresponding *.xml file (I suggest that you either backup original file or copy it with a new name and apply changes to the copy).
      You can use this article as a guide:
      It was written for a Joomla version of the plugin, but the part of the document explaining animation properties should work for Smart Countdown FX too.

      • simon quinn

        Thanks for this. I actually disabled the plugin (although I don’t want to) because I noticed it’s taking a long time to load on my ‘waterfall’ when I’m doing site speed tests etc. Something about admin-ajax.php?action=scd_query_next_event$smartcount..etcetc

        Any idea if this can be helped at all?

        • admin Post author

          Smart Countdown FX plugin uses AJAX async queries to get current counter events, this doesn’t slow down the rest of the page load, but the counter itself is displayed only after AJAX response is received. This is how the plugin is designed. On slow sites / connections such a delay can be noticeable but this solution is better IMHO than synchronous load when the whole page is loaded slower, especially if there are more than one counter on the same page.

  • Morgan McReynolds


    Love the plugin, but I am getting twisted up trying to do something that I think should be simple. I want 2 counters that are independent of each other.

    The first, I want to countdown each hour, every hour, every day. At the end of each hour (per the clock) / start of the next hour, I want it to reset and start counting down again (so at the top of a new hour, the counter would start at 01:00:00, then 0:59:59. etc….until 00:00:00, then back to 01:00:00 at the top of the next hour).

    The second, I want to countdown each day, every day. Same countdown approach for the days…At the end of each day (per the clock) / start of the next day, I want it to reset and start counting down again. (so at the top of a new hour, the counter would start at 01:00:00, then 0:59:59. etc….until 00:00:00, then back to 01:00:00 at the top of the next hour).

    If you look at the website link I provided in the form, it seems the 2nd is working. I actually created the 2nd one first, but didn’t want to wait until midnight to test it, so I created what I thought was an analogous hourly countdown mechanism. Now the hourly countdown won’t even show up on my page.

    I am certain I am doing something wrong, but I can’t work out what it is. Can you have a look and make a suggestion?


    • admin Post author

      Not sure I get what you mean. You are talking about hourly and daily recurrences but both samples you provide correspond to hourly pattern (01:00:00 => 00:59:59 => … => 00:00:00). I have checked daily/hourly combination with 2 widgets on my development machine and everything works as expected:
      Hourly – 00:59:59 => 00:59:58 => … => 00:00:00
      Daily – 23:59:59 => 23:59:58 => … => 00:00:00
      I suggest that you open a support ticket at Ticket system supports attachments and screenshots and it will be easier to resolve the issue there.

  • Joel

    Is there a way with your plugin to go off of the users LOCAL time rather than the time set in wordpress? I have need to create a countdown that will go off at 9am each day but it has to be 9am for the user that loads the page….. basically going off of their timezone on their computer.

    • admin Post author

      I think you are missing the plugin name in shortcode. Should be [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1"]. Give it a try.

  • Christen

    If you visit you will see the Horizontal scrolling announcement NOT rending the countdown…
    I will leave it up for a short while, hopefully you will reply soon…
    I did not know how to reply to the email I just received with your recommendation that I change the short code to [smartcountdown import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::1″]…
    Thanks for your assistance

        • admin Post author

          WP shortcode feature is not a magic. When you put a shortcode into a post or page WP detects it and replaces it with the corresponding widget. When you insert a shortcode into another plugin it can be interpreted as plain text (looks as your case). My plugin code is never triggered and the issue is not related to Smart Countdown and/or Easy Recurring Events plugin.
          I suggest that you ask HSA authors if they support shortcodes in their announcements.

  • Sully

    Hi. I’m trying to display a countdown for same day collection, beginning at 8am and ending at 4pm. I can’t seem to get the countdown to stop displaying once 4pm has occurred. Can you correct my shortcode for me? I’m using:

    [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1::2" title_before_down="Call Now For Next Day Collection" title_before_up="Call Now For Next Day Collection" mode="auto" hide_countup_counter="1"]

    Where am I going wrong?

    • admin Post author

      I’m not sure I understand what effect you are trying to achieve. Looks like you have a very simple recurrence pattern (the same event every day), so why are you merging 2 patterns in your shortcode? Could you also provide settings for Easy Recurring plugin? “Hide countup counter” should hide countup from 8am to 4pm, not after 4pm. After 4pm your next event is in future, so a countdown will be displayed. If what you are expecting is to never show the counter but display a message “Call Now For Next Day Collection” from 8am to 4pm, you should add this attribute to the shortcode: mode=”countup”.
      Anyways, in the shortcode you provide title_before_down attribute doesn’t seem to be in place – this message logically should say: “Next day collection calls available in…” or something of the kind.
      You can open a ticket here:

  • Dustin

    Can you have a different title display for each of the Recurring Events using the Recurring Events addon.

    When the Countdown Config 1starts it displays the title: “Time left in baking day.”
    Then when Countdown Config 2 takes over it Ddsplays the title: “Time until next baking day.”

  • Vinny


    I get a working CD in a sidebar but whenever I select something to repeat the timer disappears. My recurrent settings are set to last friday of the month. No config 2. Not sure why this happens. Could you help?

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin Post author

      Just use layout_preset=”shortcode_compact_titles_inline.xml” in your shortcode or choose “Shortcode compact titles inline” in widget layout preset configuration. Always keep in mind that event title (text) will wrap anyways if there is no sufficient horizontal space to display all inline.

      • Bobby

        This is what I was trying to accomplish—> Text inline with countdown. Here is the example code below. Wrap it in a div tag using inline-block.

        Next service starts in:

        [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1" digits_size="38" labels_size="16" labels_style="color:white; font-variant:lowercase"; layout_preset="shortcode_compact_titles_inline;" /]

  • Ocala Website Designs

    Awesome plugin! Curious, shouldn’t units=”days,hours,minutes,seconds” in the shortcode show all these units whether they are all zeros or not? Would be great to keep the days, hours, minutes and seconds visible, even when days, hours and minutes are zeros …

    Tommy @ Ocala Website Designs LLC

  • Jan

    Hello and thank you for this plugin. But I need a little help:
    I want to include a countdown in our onlineshop: Order within the next xx hours, xx minutes and xx seconds so your order gets shipped with the next batch”.

    We ship orders Monday to Friday at 3pm. So the countdown has to count down to the next shipping day. Can this be done with the plugin and if so, how would the shortcode be? I think it is like your example with the help desk here on this page.

    So if it it´s Tuesday, 7am the plugin should countdown from 8 hours. If it´s Sunday 7am the plugin should count down from 1 day and 8 hours…

    I hope you understand what i mean. Thanks a lot!

  • Grace

    Hi There,

    I just wanted to know how do I set up recurring events for 6-Hour countdown?
    We need it to reset automatically when it reach to 0:00.

    I have having an issues setting up once it’s done sometimes the clock just stopped, sometimes it reset in a wrong timer.
    Can you assist me on this?


  • Martin Messier

    Is there a way for me to display the next event date and time using the plugin?
    As in: “Sunday, August 12 2017 5:00pm”

  • Tre

    Hi! First I would like to let you know that I appreciate your efforts in building this clean and simple plugin, it’s actually working wonderful on my website.
    I wanted to know if there was a way to include an option for minute recurrence? basically faster than hourly, so that I could, for example, have the timer reset each 15 mins or 10 mins…

    Thank you in advance for your response! you’re awesome!!

    • admin Post author

      Suppose you are meaning “more than 4 recurring patterns”. It’s possible if you edit plugin code, however it may have an impact on your site performance. If you need more than 4 recurring schedules you should have a look at Google Calendar events plugin for Smart Countdown FX.

  • EM

    I have tried setting up a countdown and used this shortcode in the widget:

    [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1"]

    It isn’t working.

    Please help.

    • admin Post author

      Make sure that you have Recurring events plugin installed, enabled and configured. For the shortcut you are using the first recurrence configuration is important.

      • Grace

        Hi There,

        Can you help me set up:
        countdown timer which will start only on first page visit – which obviously do not have a specific date / time
        and it will repeat everyday

        countdown to next 24 hours
        e.g : 24:00 (hour:min)
        or 23:59

        Having a hard time figuring out how to achieve this?
        Can you help me please?


      • Matthew Watkins

        My countdown timer will only countdown 4 hours… here is what I did…

        1. I installed both plugins>Smart Countdown FX, Recurring Events
        2. I activated both plugins
        3. I went into settings and created configuration 1, and configuration 2. Config one is Weekly on Sundays at 11AM for 2 hours. Config 2 is Weekly on Wednesday at 7PM for 2 hours. I then Saved. (I am not using a caching plugin)
        4. I created a new page and added this short code > [smartcountdown import_config=”scd_easy_recurrence::1::2" mode="auto"/]

        Yet the only thing that displays is a countdown timer counting down 4 hours. It restarts everytime I refresh the page.

        PLEASE HELP, thank you

        • admin Post author

          If the countdown restarts on page reload there should be some front-end script error or conflict. Can you review your browser console on pages that render countdown and check if there are errors?
          I mean that even with wrong configuration and counter not working as expected, it shouldn’t reset when you reload page.

  • Ranjan

    Hi there, can you please provide the “Auto” mode – count up from event start during the event and “Countdown to event end” mode – countdown to event end during event, I am trying to attation some thing similar to the above mentioned codes but I am not able to get there, whereas I am able to show only single event using [smartcountdown import_config="scd_easy_recurrence::1" /], but I am trying to impleament both the events i.e., 1. A different heading before the start of the event and a different footer message, 2. A different heading during the duration of event along with a different footer message.

    • Elizabeth Myers

      Has this plugin been abandoned? I need some assistance. The count down is hit or miss with displaying on the site. We have been using this plugin for 3-4 years and has been working just fine on our current site, but is spotty on the new development site we are creating.

      Please help.