Sliding Text Shrinking 2

This is a free animation profile available for download. Please, try installing this profile before purchasing more profiles. Installation procedure will be the same for all additional animation profiles, so if it works for you with this one you can be sure that you will be able to install paid profiles.

Shortcode for this profile:

[smartcountdown deadline="2015-05-01 00:00:00" fx_preset="Sliding text shrinking"]

Sliding Text Shrinking

This is a text-based animation and counter digits are fully customizable with CSS rules (font, font style, color, etc.)


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2 thoughts on “Sliding Text Shrinking

  • RIchmond

    Is there a way to generate shortcodes from countdown/up plugin for each post/page other than manually writing the shortcodes?

    • admin Post author

      Normally if you need a countdown on every page of your site you should use a widget. Shortcode is used to embed counters into posts/pages so that each instance of the counter can be configured individually. That is why shortcode should be written manually.